With snow days and early dismissals, our schedule has been confusing at best. My students walk thru the door and say, “Is it movie day today?”  They have been working very hard on their theory and trying to get in practicing. I have been having a difficult time picking the “right” movie.  It has to tie-in to our history topic; this year our history is circling around geography.

Yesterday, as I was absorbed in the Olympic Ice-Dancing competition, the announcer said, “Our last four groups will all be skating to the music of Russian composers.”  I thought, “Perfect!! That’s it!”  For our “movie” I will be replaying these four performances for the students. These Russian composers are some of my favorites.  Their music is rich in emotion and the skating highlights that element.

The pieces are, in order of appearance: Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet; Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake; Glazunov’s The Seasons; and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade.  Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, and Tchaikovsky are all considered Romantic Era composers while Prokofiev is a Modern Era composer.

If you have the Shazam app on your phone while you are watching the skating, you can easily find out the name of the pieces and the composers.  It is quite educational and fun.

This exercise is a way to demonstrate that music is a part of our everyday life.  We just need to open our ears and invite it in.  This is why I like to say, “Music Lasts a Lifetime.”

And MORE Snow… :)

It seems to be one of those years. Just as the snow melts and our surrounding get a little dull and grey, we wake up to a lovely new layer of white.  I don’t really mind.  It makes for a more fun “kid” winter, but it does make fitting in schedules just a little big tricky. I will try to touch base with parents the night before a potential storm and you are always welcome to give me a call.  Here is my general plan. First and foremost – only you know how you feel driving in the snow.  Trust your gut. Beyond that, here is the basic plan:

– If there is a delayed opening, lessons as usual after school.
– If there is an early dismissal, your child is welcome to take the bus directly here as usual and then you can pick  them up about an hour after they get here.  You might want to send any Miller/Driscoll or Cider Mill students with a note just to be sure they are permitted. 
– If there is no school, I am happy to still have lessons at your convenience. I will be in contact or you can call or email me and we will arrange a time.