My philosophy of teaching piano lessons is that I want first to teach about music. The piano is a wonderful vehicle to explain music. Reading and understanding music is extremely logical and the piano keyboard presents that logic visually.  Some of my students have continued to play music into adulthood, but all of my students have learned about music.  That knowledge lasts and transfers to other instruments. It allows my students to more fully appreciate and hear the beauty around them.

What about those busy teenage years??   I have had many high school students begin or continue piano lessons.  I am willing to accommodate their busy extracurricular and academic life.  Playing the piano can be a part of life, not in lieu of life.

1 thought on “Philosophy

  1. Hello AnnBeth,
    My 14 year old alto sax player wants to start piano lessons. She has a full plate but she has brought it up several times and I think it is a great way to expand her theory understanding. Would like to speak with you regarding your philosophy as I think we are on the same page.
    Best Regards,

    Jim Konatsotis

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