When To Start

Q.  At what age should my child begin to take piano lessons?
A.   Most children start in 1st or 2nd grade.  It is helpful for a young child to own 3 skills:
1. Cognitive –
a.  Some ability to read: This helps in beginning theory work as well as demonstrates an ability to decode and interpret  symbols (notes).
b.   An understanding of alphabet order both forward and backward:  They should be able to comprehend that the music alphabet goes ABCDEFG ABCDEFG and keeps circling as well as think thru what comes after C or before F.
2.  Fine Motor Skills. They must be able to move fingers independently with purpose. Some children sit down and “make up” songs. For most this means just wiggling their fingers over the keys. This is not a demonstration of control. They should be able to, with purpose, play a specific note with a specific finger.
3. Discipline –  It is better to play 5 minutes every day rather than 30 minutes the day before your lesson. This establishes a pattern of practice. To “play” an instrument is a misnomer.  It is hard work which is hopefully fun.  Parents can be an important part of reminding, encouraging, and praising.

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