Spring Fever ??

Sometimes when the weather gets nice out and the days get longer, it is tricky to get your child to practice the piano. Here are some ideas that might help.
1. Schedule practicing for a time just after your student has had a chance to do a more physical activity.
2. It might be time to add a little extra positive comments … let him or her know which are your favorite songs and have them play those again for you.
3. We are getting ready to have our “concert day”. Maybe you can talk about what song will be played and do a little pre-concert playing or end each practice session working on that song.


Movie Day – Jungle Book

We just had “Movie Day”. The feature presentation was Jungle Book. Lots of the students had never seen this classic.  It is a fun one to watch at home with the family.  Of course, we pointed out the music.  What you might want to notice??  Brass instruments and lots of them.  There are plenty of Jazz and Big Band Style instruments.  You can’t miss Louis Armstrong, “King Louis” and his trumpet …  AND … you might want to notice the fact that most of the typical sound effects are replaced with music.  It is very entertaining and rated “G” 🙂