An Appreciative Audience With Purpose

The change of seasons brings us a natural change in schedules and routines. We turn back our clocks and the days get shorter. All of these events upset the delicate balance of our everyday lives. Children need some assistance setting a new routine.

Many of our recreational activities are brought inside. Use this to your advantage. This is a great time to get your kids to practice piano a bit more often. As you gear up for holiday gatherings, let your children know that you really enjoy hearing them play. Tell them who will be visiting and ask them if they have some idea of what Grandma or Uncle Jerry might like.

If you want to set up a little concert for family, great – one or two songs – less is more. As a kid, I liked to escape to the other room and enjoyed playing where I did not feel the pressure of performing, but I knew everyone could hear me. It was my little getaway. I was able to escape the chaos and then later receive a compliment or two.

Let your kids know that you are an appreciative audience. Encourage them to practice. Naturally they will improve their skills, but the added upside is that your child may find that quietly playing the piano is a great way to relax during the hectic holiday schedule.  This is a lesson that can potentially stay with them for a very long time: through school exams and bad breakups and other disappointments or moments of stress. They will come to learn that…

Music Lasts a Lifetime

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