Welcome to the Spring Migration

It is that time of year when all “good” parents must sit down at their calendars and adjust for the ever-changing sports schedules, end of the year school projects, fun school picnics/field days, Spring concerts, and don’t forget you are supposed to let “kids be kids” and roam the woods and commune with spring (after you apply the tick repellant). After a long and very snowy winter, we are supposed to all be thrilled with Springtime, but we forgot about the mayflies. Migration is an adventure for sure.

The change in season is just part of the whole cycle. I used to get frantic wondering how I could make it all run smoothly, but after a few years of fretting, I noticed it always did  – both at home and at work. Requests would come in from parents that needed to switch days and times. Somehow they would mix and match and before long, everyone was accommodated.

Here is my Spring piano advice.

  1. Talk to your child’s teacher and work out the schedule if need be. It never hurts to ask.
  2. Keep your kid practicing. A few less minutes a day is better than skipping days all together. Consistency pays off.
  3. If you are planning to take the summer off from music lessons, line up some fun book to work on over the summer. Keep old books handy to review. This can be a lot of fun. Be prepared.
  4. A few lessons in the summer will sometimes provide structure to keep moving forward and limit what is forgotten. Vacation can be a time to remind everyone about the “play” in playing an instrument.

 As always-  “Music Lasts a Lifetime”

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