Summer Music

In theory, summer should hold a little more free time for our children. In reality, there is so much fun to catch up on after a busy school schedule, summer is busy too.
If your child would like to take some lessons this summer, give me a call. I have a few students who continue on a very flexible schedule. I am able to give them some structure to continue learning new pieces.
If your child is taking a lesson break for the summer, encourage him/her to keep playing. Have them play their favorites or maybe start with their very first book and play from the beginning. They will be really pleased with how much they have progressed as those early pieces will be easy. Summer is a time to reinforce the “play” in playing the piano as opposed to the “work” in practicing.
I would also really encourage you to plan some fun summer music outings. There are free concerts everywhere. Bring a picnic and bug spray and enjoy music under the stars. Don’t limit yourself to “kids” concerts, and if it is getting too late and stops being fun, leave. Show your kids first hand that Music Lasts a Lifetime.

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