Movie Week! The Benny Goodman Story

This week we are featuring The Benny Goodman Story.  Benny Goodman was a famous Band Leader and Clarinetist.  He is sometimes known as the King of Swing.  This is a movie about his life. It demonstrates his hard work as a musician and shows how he came up with new ideas about how to write and perform music in his Big Band.  Although his character is played by Steve Allen, all of the music was recorded by Benny Goodman himself. As with most of the old movies, the tempo is a little slow, but once the kids settle in to it, they do enjoy it. It might be fun to watch as a family.  I rented it from Westport library.  You can also search the Benny Goodman Orchestra on YouTube. They have lots of great recordings.  Sing, Sing, Sing is particularly famous and energetic. Enjoy!!!

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